Welcome to PDIS

Can I invest more than once in a year?

 Yes you can. Members can invest as many times as they wish.


Does the company decide what I do with my money?

No, the Property Development Investment Solutions does not decide for anyone. Members can choose to:

+ Buy one of the development properties at any time and have an income property. Meaning you can rent it out, so that it generates money for you over time.

+ Renovate their existing property.

+ Buy the developed property for themselves.

+ Take the money with interest and buy a completely different property of their choice.


Can I buy properties developed by the company?

Yes you can. We actually recommend that you do because not only does your money grow with the company but as a member you also get up to 20% OFF our developments (that’s R200 000 OFF a property worth R1 million). You can buy property anytime you’re ready to start building your property portfolio. 


Can I only buy property developed by the Property Development Investment Solutions (PDIS)?

Absolutely not. It is the member’s money after all and they get to do whatever they want with the aim of empowering themselves and creating generational wealth.


What happens if I can no longer pay after years of investing?

You are in control of your investment and yes, you will still be a member of the PDIS if you can no longer pay. You can let the money you have already invested grow at the percentages presented below:                                                                                       

 *The investment will now grow at 3.5%  annually 

 *Or you can choose to take your money back with the already accumulated interest.


How do I cancel my membership with PDIS?

Members need to notify PDIS 3 months prior. And if we have already started with the development of properties, we might not be able to refund immediately. We also do not charge any cancellation fee unless you did not serve a 3 month notice.




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