Welcome to PDIS


Well, now you can be a property owner sooner that you think with Property Development Investment Solutions (PDIS). At PDIS we help members grow their investments quick and easy. The Investment opportunity is currently open to 60 members. Once the company has reached the target amount and members, we then start the process of developing properties to sell them, generate revenue for members and build more. PDIS is a property investment firm that makes it possible for just about anyone to enter into the booming and lucrative market of property, in South Africa.


Members also get the opportunity to view the properties before we sell them because we trust ourselves with the work that we do. As a company we pride ourselves in acting fairly, ethically and transparent whenever we do business.  It’s time we build great properties and not match-box, cookie cutter, half-baked mess that they call houses. We build anything, from residential to commercial so that investments can grow rapidly and put our members at a competitive advantage.


Let PDIS worry about all the hassle of building and selling properties as well as property restrictions, laws and regulations, while you enjoy the benefits of a great investment. Our aim is to have every member own income properties. An income property is a property bought and developed with the intention of earning income from it (e.g. House to let/Sell, Rooms to rent and many other options). Another great benefit about being a member is that with your investment, you can choose to buy one of our developed properties with up to 20% OFF (that’s R200 000 OFF a property worth R1 million). Let us give you a head start in building a property portfolio. Own your first income property with PDIS. 


Members contribute R48 000 once a year with 14% annual growth of the investment.


Unlike banks, were your investment is always affected by inflation, at PDIS your money grows annually regardless of the status of the economy or inflation. PDIS does charge a once-off admin fee of R500, so members need to contribute an additional admin fee for the first time only.


How can member get an income property with their investment? Members can use their investment as a down payment towards their first income property. Letting your properties pay for themselves is the new way of buying real estate. 


What happens if you can no longer pay the annual fee towards your investment? Well that’s easy, you can continue to invest what you have already contributed and let it grow at the percentage presented below:                                                                                                 

*The investment will now grow at 3.5%  annually                                                                                                                                               

*Or you can choose to take your money back with the already accumulated interest. 

*PDIS does not take any amount of the investment if you decide not to be a member anymore.    


PDIS does not take any amount of the investment if you do not want to be a member anymore. In the event of death, members will get to choose their beneficiary/beneficiaries who can claim the investment or choose either to let it grow with PDIS or be a member too. If the beneficiary is under the age of 18, you as the member will need to decide when they can claim the investment. You also have an option of changing your beneficiaries anytime you want.


This opportunity is for 60 members only… Apply today and secure your future by investing in property with PDIS!!


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